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For this post I want to focus on the British invasion of the 60s.

Where it all started

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To begin the rock and roll that Elvis Presley popularized that the Beatles, some say, perfected was created by black artists. Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Fats Domino, along with countless other uncredited black artists, created the melodies and the style that Elvis the supposed King of Rock repackaged and popularized for white audiences. Because of his skin color Elvis was able to go places and play for people that would have never booked a black artist.

British Involvement

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Inspired by the work of Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan the Beetles wrote their first hit single “I Want to Hold Your Hand” which was a smash hit in America. America was in a peculiar place in history when the Beetles visited for the first time. The threat of nuclear warfare was just around the corner since it was the peak of the cold war and President Kennedy was assassinated eleven weeks prior to their arrival. The Beatles’ positive and carefree music was just the thing that teens needed to distract themselves from the harsh reality they lived in(it also didn’t hurt that the music was made by four attractive young men). Naturally girls went wild after they got ahold of the Beatles music and their success is that of legend.

Other British Artists to come out of the decade

The Beatles were not the only British band from this era that achieved national success across the pond. We have The Rolling Stones who pioneered a grittier version of rock and roll for almost six decades. There is The Who, the social outcasts of the British invasion, who invented the rock opera, and sang about real issues that the everyday teen could relate to. The Animals, whose main influence was Bob Dylan, were known for using electric instruments. There are a bunch of other bands that followed in the Beatles footsteps and gained success in the US but to name them all it would take too long. However without getting into too much detail a few of my other favorites are: The Kinks, The Zombies, the Dave Clark Five, and The Hollies.

Fun Fact:

“Across The Universe” is a movie set during Vietnam era America where two hippies fall in love. The only music used for the film is from the Beatles. The main characters names are Jude and Lucy which are both references to different Beatles songs “Hey Jude” and “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” respectively.

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